Monday, November 8, 2010


I tried to follow the wonderful free instructions for making this notebook cover ( I LOVE this!), but after sewing my beautiful fabric squares together, they were too small.

TOTALLY all my fault- I think it is from using the thick decorating fabrics.

I am definitely going to try again soon with normal fabrics because I really want one of these!! She was so wonderfully gracious to give such awesome PDF printable instructions for not only one, but TWO different covers! What a gal!!

You can find the link for the tutorial here:
JC Handmade Notebook Cover Link from Sew Mama Sew
And the originator of the tutorial here:
JC Handmade Blog

I won’t consider it bragging if you let me know yours came out right on the first try! So let me know how it goes when you make one!

Not too shabby, huh?

Tag Blankets

I made a few tag blankets this week. I gave one as a gift at a church baby shower, and my pastor’s wife asked if I would make her 2 to give as Christmas gifts. They are sort of addicting! It is a small project that a beginner can do, it is pretty quick to put together (about 1.5 hrs!), and you get to play with pretty fabric, soft fabrics, and fun ribbon! Now, what could be better than that??

There are some GREAT tutorials online so I didn’t make one for these. I used Melissa Sews for the one I made for the baby shower. Sorry, but there is no picture of that one (I know…I know… how could I
forget to take a picture??) I will give you a visual: the front was brown with pink polka dots and the back was pink flannel – there was also precious pink & brown ribbons all around the edges.

I made these using the tutorial from TaDa Creations . I loved her beautiful combination of fabrics. When I get real fancy, I will put the pretty appliqué on mine, too! (I WILL be stalking her blog from now on) The turquoise & red one is smaller than the other too. I like the look of doubling the ribbon (red & blue one) but I probably won’t be doing that anymore. It is too difficult to keep them both straight. I also think the babies will be pulling them away from each other and just the thought of them being wonky like that makes me shudder – I am too OCD to for that.
The minky was much easier to sew than I was imagining. I used white fleece on the back of the Alabama one and it was really easy to sew, too. I was expecting it to be much stretchier ( I don’t think that’s a word, but it should be). I think they are precious. I think I am going to make more for my future grandchildren (who I hope don’t arrive for at least another 10 years).

I would love to know if you make some too, just be careful – they are addictive!

Not too shabby!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Revlon Pearl Blush Lipstick, Where Have You Been All My Life???

For the first time, in all of my years, I have actually picked out a lipstick that I LOVE!! I have picked out many that I sorta liked but I LOVE you Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Pearl Blush. You are sparkly, yet subtle. You are obvious, but neutral. You make me wanna kiss my own lips!! All this time you have been hiding on the Walgreen's shelf, where I luckily picked you up (on sale no less!). We will be life-long friends.

Friday, January 1, 2010

One Serious Bedroom Makeover

This is what our bedroom looked like after we tore out the old carpet (yes, those ceiling tiles were missing).

After removing the 2 small windows (sorry I didn't take better pictures - didn't know I would need them for this), my husband added a larger window for me. Yep..he's awesome like that. Here are the after pictures. Forgive my floppy curtain. It isn't a fashion decorating statement. It is just a lazy decorator.
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