Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jeans to Skirt Tutorial

I bought this pair of pants at a garage sale and made a cute skirt out of it. I thought other folks might want to know how, too. So here goes:

I laid a skirt (that I liked the length on) on the pants, with waistbands together. You could also try them on & just cut off a couple inches below where you want the hem.

Then cut the legs off. Give yourself a couple inches for the hem. I used a rotary cutter, but you could totally use scissors.

After you cut both legs off, put them aside because you will need them later.

Use a sema ripper and cut all the inseams around the legs. (do those pants make my hand looks fat?)

Hold on to the seam ripper because you ain't finished just yet!

Now use the seam ripper to remove the seams up the backside up to at least the middle of the pockets.

Cut the seams up the front to the bottom of the zipper.

Overlap the seams where you plan on sewing it down. I trimmed the flap, but I wish I would have waited till I sewed it down.

Pin the seam sown the back.

Now, sew your pinned seam. Wait to double stitch until you've tried it on after sewing the front. You might have a little "duck butt" problem like I did & have to fix it - and there will be less seams to remove.

Ta-Da! Back seam sewn!

Do the same thing with the front side & sew. It is safe to double stitch this side.

Now, get the cut off legs & cut them open. I laid it on the front and drew a chalk line where I wanted to cut and trimmed it so I could turn my seams down. You could totally pin & sew -AND THEN cut. You would probably need to use pinking shears so it wouldn't fray as bad.

This is the inside back flap. Trim it off.

Pin the front piece in and sew away. Again, the front side is safe to go ahead & double stitch.

Ta-Da! The front is done!

Repeat for the back cut out piece. Then, try the skirt on. If you look like you have a duck butt, you will need to take out the back seams and move it over some more and restitch. Problem solved.

Cut even across the bottom. If you like a frayed edge, just sew a straight seam across the bottom & wash. If you want a finished edge, iron the hem up & sew it down.

Voila'! One really cute denim skirt from a pair of pants! Just in time for flips flops & cute summer shirts!


  1. I made one of these a couple of summers ago and it's still one of my favorite skirts! :)

  2. Brilliant stuff! Always wanted to do one but never knew how to!
    great blog, just found u. am a new follower :))

  3. You were already on my blog roll! Turns out I had already discovered u!
    oops...anyway now am officially following you!

  4. I can tell this will be one of my favs, too! It is funky & cute!

  5. Claudia, thanks! I am new at this & am super happy to have a new follower!

  6. Cool idea. I'd like to try this sometime even with just trousers, maybe. Come link up at I Made It! Monday at Ninth Street Notions.

  7. genious....

    thanks for visiting my blog, stay in touch.

    pretty paper posies

  8. I have been wanting to make myself a skirt like this for a long time. Now if my husband would be willing to give up one of his jeans...
    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Love it! What a great way to reuse your jeans! thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!

  10. i made one a few months ago and I love it! Your blog is great, I just found it through Train to Crazy.

  11. Ah, my kind of project......simple. Oh and I love you little "sumos".

  12. Very cool, I got paint on my favorite pair of jeans, maybe I should turn them into a skirt.

  13. Thanks for this tutorial.your instructions are really good. I'm making some tomorrow. I'll link to this post for the tutorial.

  14. I know you posted this over a year ago, but I just did it today =) I am new to sewing and even I was able to follow the instructions and have it turn out pretty cute =) Thank you! I'm linking you up on my blog. It will be the 29th of March when we post it =)



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