Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Home, The Birdhouse

This is a picture of my house.  In real life it isn't on the pole (that is just my poor photo-shop rendition), but every bird from miles around must think it is just a big ole birdhouse.  

This is my house in real-life. 

 (We haven't lived here very long at all - I am working on the outdoor decor.)

They try to fly through my windows all the time.  Just this morning it has happened at least 10 times (make that 11 - it just happened again!,  now 12... now 13).  It is pitiful.  Do any of you have any ideas on how to make them stop?  

I feel sorry for them, because that's gotta hurt - not to mention make them look totally uncool when all their bird friends see them.  They probably get called a bird-brain and then are the last to get picked for dodge ball.

I kid you not - they have flown into my patio door at least 20 times since I started typing this post. 



  1. Thanks for visiting me yesterday (or the other day:>?? I'm so confused lately!). I'm following you now too!
    Your photoshop is superb next to mine!! I can do NOTHING with it, and I've had the program for 3 YEARS!! ugh.
    I wish I could help you with your bird problem!! My last house had a huge 9 foot picture window. They would hit it all the time!

    and I totally agree. Doing brid brained things like that will definately get you picked last at dodgeball!!

  2. Just bookmarked your recipe. Sounds so good & I was looking for something new to try for next weeks menu -- yay, I found it! I just looked at your post, My Home, the Birdhouse, & had to chuckle. That's what my husband used to call our home during the first few years of marriage. He called me "Bird" because I was always puttering around trying to make it just so, and on an extremely tight budget. Well, I've had many nicknames over our almost 42 years of marriage, some good, some kind of weird but that was one of my favs. Anyhoo, your blog brought back some really fond memories, so I am definitely a new follower.


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