Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Odd Stops Along the Way

I love road trips of any sort. Last fall our church group went to the Amish community in Tennessee and along the way we stopped at a few flea markets. Thought I would share some of our "interesting" finds!

These hot sauce bottles cracked me up. Especially the one for sissies. It is probably really the hottest one, they just know that some biker is gonna be too proud to spit it out and cry after reading that it is the "sissie" one.

I guess this bottle is the last thing they see after trying this one.
This is an old bench covered with plates - looks cool, but

And wouldn't you just love to climb in this old barn? I am sure there were lots of treasures in there but it wasn't part of the store - just their personal stash, I guess...

I might frame this next picture.

Looking at old stores like this makes me want to explore every corner! They even had some handmade pottery pieces & homemade fried pies!

This place was quilt heaven. They had them everywhere in this store, but this room was JUST quilts. I walked by and rubbed all of them.

No trip is complete without an Elvis spotting...


  1. I love road trips too, and all the fun stuff you can find along the way. Those hot sauce bottles really were hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh goodness, I totally know what you mean — I can get lost in stores like that for HOURS. The mental image of you rubbing every single quilt in that room made me giggle; I know I couldn't resist touching them either!

  3. Love your cabin background!! Thanks for your post at Mel's Cabin today. Lucky you. Cabins are so personal and sweet! Looks like you've got a good start in decorating it. Love your quilts hanging off the deck...great job! I love shops like that too. Can't get enough of them. Mel's Cabin


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