Monday, February 14, 2011

Was that a Garage Sale I Smelled??

I am so ready for garage sale season! I thought I smelled it in the air last week, but it turned out to be something else.
I love looking at everything and imagining what I could do with it.

"with a little paint & sanding that shelf will look just rustic enough..."

"look at those 3 trays! I could paint them to match and make one a bulletin board, one a magnet board, and one a chalk board & hang them over my desk!"

I have always enjoyed garage sales. When I was a kid I would go with my Mom. I was too cool then to say I got anything at a garage sale (our inside joke was that we got it at Wal-mart #2). Now I can't wait for someone to ask so I can tell them what a great deal I got on something. *grin*

My husband cringes every time someone says they like my outfit. Without fail, he knows that I am going to reply with, "Thank you! This whole outfit, including shoes & jewelry, cost ______ (something ridiculously cheap like $5)!" He tells me I could just stop at "Thank you!", but I am proud of my bargains!!

Here are some of my bargains:

Lamp: $4

Darling window mirror: .25 (yep! just 1 quarter!) It was brown, but I painted it black.

This is my favorite purchase of all this little lamp was $4 & since then I found another one for $2 (but it didn't have a shade).
Louis Vuitton papillion purse $2!!

These great looking rustic mirrors were .25 each. They are about 10x12 each.

Everything on this shelf came from garage sales. The beehive jars were $2, the glass milk jar was .25, the little chair was .50, and the rest I can't remember!

I have also gotten:
sterling silver earrings (.05) & bracelets ($2 & .25) (that I wear nearly everyday)
Brand New Fossil watch with 2 leather bands $1.50
Dooney & Burke Bucket Bag .25 (sold it on Ebay for $80!!)
Old Desk $5 (painted it white & put polka dot knobs & now its too cute!)
Vera Bradley Mini Train Case .25

This year I am looking for some old looking cabinets to decorate my new home (a log cabin). We will see what I find!!

Hurry up garage sale season!!! I am waiting on you!!


  1. I so love a garage sale, too. Can't wait! And, you've scored some really good "stuff"! BTW...thanks so much for visiting! I love new friends!

  2. love your log cabin...visit Mels Cabin


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