Thursday, March 10, 2011


This past summer, we went to a wonderful little cafe in Hartselle, Alabama called Cahoots.  

The name is cute enough, but when I walked inside....I fell in love.

The decor was super shabbylicious.

We unknowingly arrived at closing time and they graciously allowed us to stay and get dessert anyway!

A shadow box neat is that??

This place is almost too much cuteness in one place.
They said I could look around and take all the pictures I wanted...wasn't that nice of them?

This is definitely a place I will be visiting again, soon.

Not only was this the cutest place I have ever eaten at, the desserts were wonderful, too!

I had strawberry cobbler (delish!) and my kids had wonderful chocolate cake. I snuck a bite while they were checking out all the neat stuff.

Where is the most interesting place you have eaten?


  1. Thanks for visiting! This is the cutest place ever! Good luck on your booth, i hope I can keep putting out some shabby ideas for you. I have been at it quite a while, so I kind of have a feel for what people like, crystals and bling LOL Be sure to email anytime if you have questions. My email is on my blog in the upper left corner! Again good luck


  2. PS I am your newest follower I have got to see your booth when you get it set up...Don't your just love nosing around other peoples booths!



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