Sunday, March 20, 2011

How Close To An Alligator Is Too Close?

I mentioned on previous posts that we moved to Alabama from South Louisiana (very south Louisiana).  I saw many, many alligators living there and didn't even realize that was a big deal till we moved away. 

One of the first things people say is  - did you ever see an alligator?  Not only did I see plenty of them - I got pretty close.  I even when alligator hunting one time (think swamp people) - that's a post for another time.

These pictures are from a swamp tour that you can take.   Notice the close proximity of hands and a head to the alligators teeth...yeah...crazy people.  They actually pay to get this close to the alligators.

 I always thought gators were slow and lazy - but you oughta see them go after the chicken pieces the tour folks feed them.  They are FAST!

There is lots of other beautiful wildlife on the tour, too.  These grey herons are some of my favorites.

The white heron are very common there.  They were in our yard all the time.  One time last year there were hundreds of them in the bayou.  It was beautiful.

The swamp is kinda gloomy, but beautiful at the same time.


The alligators follow the tour boat, because they know they are gonna be fed.  The tour guides feed them raw chicken parts...apparently that's an alligator delicacy because they stay CLOSE! 

I took these pictures on the Munsun's Swamp Tour.  We have lots of company so we have actually been to most of the swamp tours in our area.

On the blogger stats page it shows how people find your page - someone found this post by googeling  "the most redneck swamp tour I can go on"  For the record - there is at least one that is more redneck than this. *grin*

Sooo...How close is too close to an alligator to you??


  1. If you can see an alligator and there is no tv glass between you and them, then it's to close.. Oh I would of never got on a boat for a swamp tour, are you crazy? What if the boat started to take on water, did you ever think of that??? I have to say, your photos are beautiful glad you shared them, or I may of never seen the swap from a Munson's World Famous Swap Tours boat.


  2. Oh wow! I would be too scared to go on a swamp tour! Cool pics though.

  3. Oh girl, I can't believe you got that close, teehee, but I'm glad you did because the pictures are absolutely fascinting, as is the information you provided about other animals. I would never, ever, ever, get on a boat that was going into alligator territory! But I love that you did and shared it with us :)

  4. Also I "followed" your blog! Come over and visit me sometime at

  5. Oh, Well... I think you can take the redneck swamp tour from my backyard too! LOL! Too funny! That gives me a great idea for a funny sign to put out on my lanai...

    I've only lived in Florida going on 4 years and the wildlife still amazes me :) The BIG gators don't get too close... but we have little ones swimming in the pond once in a while as they come through those tunnel things.

    I've not been on a real Everglades Air Boat yet... but I'm dying to do that! Soon... Great Photos!


  6. Ummm... the pictures are close enough!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm looking forward to seeing how your headbands turn out. I liked them so much, I'm making more this weekend!

  7. Ooops... thats pretty close! I mean, frighteningly close.
    Living in England, the most exciting bits of nature I get 'round here are bats, owls, foxes, rats and ducks (a pretty green part of the city, so I am kinda lucky) and I love them all. But if a gator washed up in my back garden (bordering a tiny little stream), I'd freak out. I know they are fascinating creatures and whatnot, but the closest I want them to be is on my telly or laptop screen, thankyouverymuch! I could do with more herons around, though. They look like fairies to me!


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