Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday

My husband is a Baptist preacher.  We have had many missionaries stay in our home while on deputation or furlough, other preachers or Pastors, as well as many friends & family.  We enjoy the fellowship very much. 

One thing that never grows old is hearing many of these people stand in my home and pray for blessings for my home or my family.   It never ceases to leave a lump in my throat or bring tears to my eyes. 

My husband has been preaching for other churches quite a bit here lately.  Sometimes at the end of the service, as someone is praying, they will thank God for my husband and our family and allowing our paths to cross.  It is a VERY HUMBLING thing to hear someone pray and thank The Holy One for my family, or ask Him to bless my home and family.  It knits my heart to those sweet folk in a way that nothing else can.

Dear Lord, thank you so much for the many friends & family you have blessed us with.  Please help me never to take for granted the sweet prayers they send up on our behalf, and to always to be mindful to pray for others.  I thank you for the privilege of praying, and praise you for being worthy and great enough to answer those prayers.  Please help me to be grateful for those unanswered prayers that I don’t understand, and never to take this sweet privilege for granted.  Thank you so much for loving me & for the blessings (though undeserved) you have showered on my home and family.  I love you, Lord and thank You for loving me.    Amen

Do you have something that blesses your heart in this way?


  1. "Please help me never to take for granted the sweet prayers they send up on our behalf...". I wonder how many times I have taken others prayers for granted? This spoke to my heart today. Thanks!

  2. Hi Christie- I do believe that YOU are my blessing today. (Christy the scrapbooker from The Red Rooster)


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