Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's Wrong With Corny?

My daughter just read my blog posts.  She read the Pirate post and laughed.  I told her it's kinda scary letting the whole blog world know what a cornball I am.  She laughed and said everyone else already knew.  

Can I help it that I find humor in the little things?   

Like today at the dentist, he blew in my mouth with that little air wand thingy and my lip started flopping around in the breeze & I got a mental image of a dog with his head out the window and his lips flapping in the wind & got tickled thinking I musta looked similar to that - then I just started laughing (with my mouth open & his hands in  my mouth).

Or how last week in the dentist office, after getting 15 (of the 18) dental x-rays, I told my dental hygienist she was "all up in my grill".

Or how when we moved, instead of writing something professional like "Master Bedroom" on our bedroom boxes, I wrote "Love Shack".  I just did it for my own amusement, but got so embarrassed when my Manly Man's cousin came and helped us load the truck & mentioned it.

This list could go on forever...I mean really....my kids can write volumes about things I have said that embarrass them.  I am so glad they still love me.  I just hope I don't warp them too much.

Honestly, I try to hide it most times, but some times I just can't help myself.   I think it & it just pops out of my lips  - and before I can wrangle it back in, everyone has heard it already


  1. I know exactly what you mean :) I just told my kids that they love me because of my silliness... or in spite of it... I wasn't sure which, lol. They will have awesome memories later in life. I have lots of my dad being/saying his goofy things, that I now repeat ;) , and just love it. Be corny and enjoy life; it's better that way


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