Monday, April 11, 2011

Bad Fashion

I was pricing some books I had for my flea market booth yesterday and came across this lovely gem:

This book is filled with bad fashion & funny commentary!
Mismatched Neon Socks
I probably could have taken this picture out of my high school scrapbook...

Patchwork shirts
Quote from book: "In 1969, patchwork was liberated from old ladies' bedspreads and was strutting proudly down the catwalk as vogue."
 (What about that pose?  Doesn't it scream "Don't hate me because I am beautiful?")

Plastic Dresses

Quote from book: "Easy to wipe down with a wet cloth should the need arise"
(I hate when my flip flops make the "flop" sound when I walk.  I can just imagine the ruckus a plastic dress must make.)

Lamb-chop sideburns   
 "In the late 60's, men grew lion manes and their whiskers turned lamb chop"

(I thought the lamb-chop reference was a joke but googled it & LOTS of entries came up.  I wonder if drumstick sideburns are next?)

Granny Gowns
 Quote from book: "Usually floral patterned with frilly hems and bits of random embroidery, they were more suited too burying old grannies in than to going out on the town."

(Enough said!)

Bowl Cuts
 Quote from book: "about as esthetically pleasing as the Black Death or the pox, "the bowl" was very simple to achieve: put bowl on head, apply scissors around bowl, take off bowl, spray down."

(I included the instructions in case any of you wanted to give it a go.)

Knitted Vests
 Quote from book: " modeled by the His & Hers couple on the right, who are showing off vests that they made themselves from old bathroom mats."

(I wonder if I could get my manly man to wear one of these??)

 Quote from book: "They made us look like a bizarre hybrid of the macho lady-killer and something that was altogether too feminine and campy."

(I have never seen this fashion statement implemented by anyone I know.  Thank goodness!)

 Quote from book: "A caftan made you look like the awning on the side of a trailer"


Shiny Suits

Quote from book: "The suit radiates brightly, just like his teeth."

(I guess these went by the wayside when shiny eyeshadow did)

Bicycle Shorts
 Quote from book: "Bicycle shorts showed more than the world needed to see and, as with all worst trends, those who really shouldn't have worn them were the ones who inflicted them on us."

(The house we moved from in Louisiana was on a popular cycle route.  The first week I saw more bike shorts than I EVER wanted, too. Yuck!)

Polka Dots

Quote from book: "There's something wrong with polka dots that you can't quite put a finger on."

(I think they are totally off on this one!!  Hellooo....who doesn't like polka dots!?!!?)

While this book was published in 2005, several of the fashion disasters in this book have already made a come back! 

How many of these were you guilty of??


  1. Cute post! It's always funny to look back at fashion and wonder, what were they thinking??? Of course, I'll never be guilty of such atrocities! Excuse me while I go burn my high school yearbooks...

  2. I love this post. I loved the 80s and loved neon anything. I wore those socks and those bike shorts. Oh yea and when I was very young my mom tortured me with that chili bowl hair cute.

    FYI, the cravat was actually invented in Croatia. Very early on the Croatian military had those as part of their military uniform and the French saw them and took the idea and make the modern day tie very famous.

  3. I almost pee'd myself from laughing so hard!!! I LOVE those mags, to see how many of the mistakes I've made!!!

  4. ah!!!! i'm so guilty it's not even funny!! btw i'm making a crocheted vest right now, does this count as extra super guilty or what?!?!?!?!!

  5. Ok...who was in my closet...LOL There is no way that I would believe a man would wear that vest...matching or not. They must have paid that guy alot of money just to model it! I use to cut my youngest daughters hair like that too...minus the bowl...I went free hand..HA HA!

    Oh the memories! I guess I have dated myself with my comment

    I'm your newest follower...stopping over from Debbie's.

  6. Love it!! I'm with you...nothing wrong with polka dots!

  7. I just love that bad fashion! You have really put a smile on my face! That cravat is really something and those crocheted vests.... are really something else!!!! Also now I am suddenly feeling pretty good about what I am wearing!!!! X

  8. So. With me as your 98th follower, you 're just 2 peeps away from your 1st giveaway!!! Yay! :)
    I'm guilty of the biker shorts/tights. Yikes! And I wore them while I was NOT cycling (?!?). Anyway. i think I'm a better dresser now, otherwise I have to rethink me having a fashion-blog. ;)
    I'm visiting form Debbie's party and I must say yours is the funniest blogs i stumbled upon! Keep it up! :)

  9. Okay, I sported a Granny Gown, a bowl cut, and quite a few knitted vests....but, we better stop there. Hehehe....I got a rep to protect!!
    Sparkly eyeshadow was the BOMB!! I wore it in blue and purple and sometimes at the same time!! ;)
    LOL Great article.


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