Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Zams Swamp Tours


Here are some pictures from Zam's Swamp tour in a little town called Kraemer  in South Louisiana.

The folks there are really fun & have a wonderful thick Cajun accent. The family that runs this was on Trading Spouses.  I remember thinking it was so funny that they had subtitles each time the man or the son would say anything.

These are the tour boats. They have a gift shop with lots of interesting things to see & buy!

What little girl wouldn't want one of these?  These were actually very popular in early Cajun culture.  They used to use the moss for mattresses, too.

Santas made from cypress knees.  This is what they look like growing:

This is what the building looks like from the boat.

There isn't much that is more beautiful than the swamp.

The trees dripping with moss...

The elegant herons...

I forgot how green it stays in South Louisiana...

When they say, "See live gators," they mean it.

These are just the baby gators.

They are pretty harmless.  All of those little hands belong to children from our homeschool group!  Some of them even got to hold them.

This alligator is in their back yard in a pond (fenced).  I have seen hundreds of alligators in Louisiana, but this is the biggest one that I have ever seen.

  I would NEVER have gone on there with that big gator & Diego was in there playing with it!!

Ummm....no thank you!  
They said this alligator is over a hundred years old and has been a family pet for many years.  It got passed down from their parents!

Sadly, I was almost as excited to see the family from Trading Spouses as I was the swamp tour.

This was an interesting field trip.  I even held a huge snake - AROUND MY NECK!! My son did it, too!!  My daughter was the smart one, and said she would pass.  I have lovely friends who choose these kinds of pictures for my Facebook page.

Please overlook me looking like a deer-in-headlights.   
That is my, "What-was-I-thinking-Lord,-please-don't-let-me-throw-up look."

Have you ever felt that way??

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