Friday, May 20, 2011

Arm Chair Sewing Caddy

I have been working on a hand appliqued quilted wall hanging and thought I needed a little sewing caddy to tote my stuff and to work more conveniently at my chair.

 I am sure ya'll are sick of this fabric combination but I LOVE it.  I am almost out of it so you won't see it much more! *grin*  It has a cute little garbage can.  I still need to sew the button on to hold my garbage can.

I found some tutorials on the internet, but none of them were what I was looking for, so I improvised.  I will post some sewing caddy tutorial links at the end of this post.

It has some cute little pockets for scissors, needles, pencils, etc.  Ruffles make everything cuter!  It has a larger pocket on the other side to hold my applique pieces.

It probably has too many pockets, but I figured I would fill them eventually.

I made a little needle book using the sleeve cuff of a felted wool sweater. 

These little buttons & rubber bands are the perfect thread holders!

I made a cute little pin cushion.  

You just fold it up and go or open it up and sew!

Here are a few other blogs tutorials so you can make your own:
Julia's Place (This one gave me a basic layout for mine.  It is longer than the one I made. ) 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Chicken & Sausage Gumbo

I have lived in Louisiana nearly all my life and this is a dish we make regularly.  My husband likes it year round!  There are many,many ways to make gumbo, but this is how I make it. 

You gotta start with a good roux:

Put equal parts of 1/2 cup oil & 1/2 c flour in a pot (do NOT use a plastic spoon to stir because it gets HOT!).  I cook it on medium high to high.
Stir until it is as brown as you like.   

Make sure you don't walk away and you must stir it continually so it won't burn.

This is where I start to get anxious.  If you burn it, you will be aggravated - so don't stop stirring!!

Almost there...
Notice the smoke...don't be alarmed if your fire alarm goes off. 

I like a dark roux (think the color of milk chocolate).

Hurry up and add some water now! 

If this is your first time, you might want to have a little water pitcher waiting to pour in there. 

I usually carry the pot to the sink and fill it there - while complaining about how hot the steam is and wondering why I don't use a little pitcher of water, too.

I am not sure if this is available anywhere except Louisiana, but this stuff is good & works in a pinch! 


I add enough water to be a couple of inches deep then stir until it is smooth.

 Then I add onions (I used 3)

and celery (about 4 stalks).

I cheated and used some frozen bell pepper and frozen green onions because that's what I had handy (about 3/4 c bell pepper and about 4 green onions).

Then I stir until they are soft.


 Time to season.
  This is about how much salt, pepper, & Tony's I use.  I also add garlic or garlic powder to taste.

Remember the camera adds 10 lbs...

My hand is so chunky...
I don't want to diet because I have jiggly thighs, I want to diet because I have a fat hand.

I think I have a complex...

I had already chopped up my sausage and can't remember how much I cut up - so I am showing you.  I would guess about a 1 1/2 - 2 pounds. 

Don't skimp on the sausage.  Sausage can make or break your gumbo.  I am having a hard time finding good smoked sausage here in Alabama.  My husband actually brought this up from Louisiana.  Get the best you can - maybe at a smokehouse or butcher.  

My favorite sausage is from Bourgeois Smokehouse.  You can shop from their website, too!  The smoked sausage is $4 per pound.

I add my sausage now.  If I use raw chicken pieces, I add it now.  I like to cook the chicken on the bone in my gumbo but hubby prefers it off the bone.

Let it cook a little while then add your chicken (that has been boiled & deboned) and your broth.

We eat it over rice.  Sometimes I boil eggs & peel them and throw them in the pot...yum.
This is good served with potato salad and french bread!

 Have you ever made gumbo?

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coffee Filter Roses Tutorial


I have seen these everywhere & love them LOTS...

Flowers made from coffee filters.  If you have learned anything about me on this blog, you must know I like cheap, cute & quick crafts!  These are precious, they look vintage and soft, and are made from coffee filters!  Cheap-o coffee filters!

First I soaked them in leftover coffee.  It doesn't take very much.  I let them soak for a couple of hours then layed them on the table to dry.  They dry very quickly.

You need a piece of wire (or a pipe cleaner), coffee filters, scissors, and floral tape.

Fold them in half & then half again.

 Cut a scalloped edge on the top.

 Cut the point off, so that when you open it there is a hole in the middle.

Here is my little stack on my hot glue gun tray. 

Roll up some of the filter to make the middle of your flower.  Then tear it off.  You will continue with whats left in a minute.

Then tape it to your wire (or pipe cleaner).  It doesn't matter which one you use because you will be taping it all the way down at the end.

 Get the rest of your filter (or you can start with a new one) and start rolling & taping it.  You may have to gather some sections a bit while you are rolling to make it a full flower.

 *Note to self - use anti aging cream on hands

Wrap them until they look like you like them to.  These are the first two I made and they both look a little different.  I think they are so pretty!

Use the floral tape to tape all the way down the wire and you are finished!  I have also seen some that were died pink that were really beautiful, too.

Now..make enough for a bouquet!  I would love to see yours if you make one (or 2, or 3)!

If any of you have a coffee filter roses tutorial, I will gladly post your links here.  Please let me know!

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A Fun Vintage Flea Market Find

There is this wonderfully redneck flea market in Alabama called Lacon.  There are little booths you can rent, or if you so choose you can just back your truck up and display your wares!  They call that Park-N-Sale.

There is everything here from chickens to illegally copied DVD's!  There are lots of fun junky type things, handcrafted things, fruits & veggies....almost anything you can imagine.

That's my fam.  I am always lagging behind.  If I weren't such a chicken, I could have gotten some great pictures for ya'll.  I feel like a dork photographing stuff like this.  I will try to get brave before we go back

My great find was this CUTE little metal fan!  It is even a cute aqua color (like my old sewing machine).  It was only $5!!  $5, I tell ya!!  Isn't it the cutest thing, ever??

It is missing the little knob to turn it on & off, but...

I plugged it in an it works like a dream!  I can just see me sleeping with the windows open, the curtains blowing in the breeze, and my fan on.  

As I was spouting off to my husband how dangerous these fans are, I went to grab the top and move it and almost lost a finger! For the safety of others, I may just put it in my craft room!

What is your favorite flea market find?
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