Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Amish in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee


I mentioned before about our trip to the Amish Community in Tennessee in my Odd Stops Along The Way post.  It was really one of the neatest things I have seen.

Some of the homes have signs up that say they have certain things for sale (peanut brittle, apple butter, peanuts, jelly, bread, baskets, furniture, etc).  We just pulled in the driveways and shopped from their porch!

This is where they park their ride...

There is an Amish teen hiding in this picture.  Can you see him?

 The children were all working hard.  We went on a Saturday so they weren't in school.

They don't have electricity, but several families have gas generators at their homes.

The Amish do not like to have their picture taken because they believe it is vain to pose for pictures and they consider photos graven images.  Out of respect for them, these pictures were taken very discreetly (thus the poor quality of most).  Most of them were taken from inside a moving vehicle!

 All of their homes looked basically the same.  Wonderfully simple.

This tickled me.  Their were several buggies & cars in the parking lots and on the road.

I love this picture... I thought every one of the children were adorable.

The scenery was really beautiful.

Anybody know what this is???  I am sure glad that I don't have any personal experience with an outhouse!

This is either their school or church.

This boy was feeding the cane through the grinder for syrup. 

We watched him for a bit.  he had his eye on my daughter...she was not nearly as amused by this as I was.

 Did you enjoy the tour?
Have you ever been to an Amish Community?


  1. I married a young man who was brought up Amish. I have a blog Mammaws Musings and Memories and am considering putting our meeting and marriage on it so check it out sometime.

  2. this looks just like all around our county. I frequent the amish shops and most of very pleasant to talk to. Some can be very crabby though, lol. Most of your photos show what we experience everyday :) The little 'outhouse' looking building is quite possibly a phone. Shocking I know, but they are everywhere around here now. Some try to conceal it while others don't. We see the signs posting items for sale everywhere. I'm glad you enjoyed your experience :)

  3. Have posted on my blog a little of the history of my life with the Amish. Hope you find it interesting.

  4. I have always been interested in the amish and their way of life.

  5. The White building you posted of a "school or church" Is a School. They don't have "churches" They gather in groups of people and go to each others homes every Sunday for church. I lived right next to an Amish school for 20 yrs. Looking at these pictures, I'm gona venture to say you passed by my parents house at some point. I recognize some of the roads in these pics.


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