Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Fun Vintage Flea Market Find

There is this wonderfully redneck flea market in Alabama called Lacon.  There are little booths you can rent, or if you so choose you can just back your truck up and display your wares!  They call that Park-N-Sale.

There is everything here from chickens to illegally copied DVD's!  There are lots of fun junky type things, handcrafted things, fruits & veggies....almost anything you can imagine.

That's my fam.  I am always lagging behind.  If I weren't such a chicken, I could have gotten some great pictures for ya'll.  I feel like a dork photographing stuff like this.  I will try to get brave before we go back

My great find was this CUTE little metal fan!  It is even a cute aqua color (like my old sewing machine).  It was only $5!!  $5, I tell ya!!  Isn't it the cutest thing, ever??

It is missing the little knob to turn it on & off, but...

I plugged it in an it works like a dream!  I can just see me sleeping with the windows open, the curtains blowing in the breeze, and my fan on.  

As I was spouting off to my husband how dangerous these fans are, I went to grab the top and move it and almost lost a finger! For the safety of others, I may just put it in my craft room!

What is your favorite flea market find?

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  1. oh boy, that is super cute but fans were much more heavy duty back in the day than they are now. I wouldn't want to get a finger stuck in that thing. haha.

    You are hilarious in how you always talk about your hands (fat hand, anti wrinkle cream, etc.). You are gonna give me a hand complex!


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