Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just Pray

We have been trying to sell our home in Terrebonne Parish for almost a year now.  We moved here and bought another home thinking the everything was going smoothly with the buyers - but it fell through.  Things have been tight around here for the past several months.

We now have a buyer for our home in Louisiana and am planning to close next week. *happy dance*

Today on facebook, a friend of mine from Louisiana sent this message:

Michel Claudet declared a State of Emergency in Terrebonne Parish Thursday afternoon because of the threat of flooding from the possible opening of the Morganza Spillway. Bayou Black, Bull Run Road, Gibson, and Southdown Mandalay are at the greatest risk for flooding. He met with administration and members of local engineering firms to devise various protection plans and they've opened up sandbag locations.
 Thats our area!!!  I quickly texted my husband at work (so he could worry, too).  Here was his reply:

That was the same answer he gave me when I found out I was pregnant with our first child and didn't have insurance.  

I happily called the Dr. to make my first appointment and they said since I didn't have insurance I would have to bring $500 to the first appointment and that it would cost about $7,000 total.  

I hung up crying.  

We had been married two years and we didn't have $500 laying around, and where in the world would we get $7,000??  I was crying (the big ugly cry), when he called back to ask about the appointment.

I told him how big the problem was, and he said, " It's o.k., call back and make the appointment.  God will take care of it."  

"Just pray."
 I hung up (still crying), and as a babe in Christ -thinking, "Oh, yeah...just pray.  What is he thinking?  How will God take care of this??  That is $500 next week!!"  But I tried to trust him, and not stress out about it."

The next day, we got an unexpected check in the mail for $800! It had something to do with the sale of our first house, and God had it waiting in the wings for this perfect lesson of faith.

I had several problems with my first pregnancy and the bill was more than we expected.  I had already forgotten about that lesson, less than nine months before.

I called the hospital, to get the total amount so I could start making payments.  The lady in billing asked for my social security number, and tried to look the bill up that way.  She couldn't find it.  She asked for my husbands social security wasn't there either.

There was no bill for me.  God had taken care of it.  I hung up the phone, again crying...but this time for a different reason.  I was crying at the thought of a wonderful, perfect God who is so concerned about a doubting Christian learning of His perfect provision.

I have never forgotten that lesson in Faith.  It has come in handy many, many times over the years.  We have had times where we would have certainly felt despair, if it weren't for the trust we have in an All-Knowing, Perfect God, who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. 

I am thankful for my Sweet Hunka Love...who reminds me to
Just Pray.



  1. It is a lesson we have to learn over and over. Many times God has answered my prayers, not always in the way I expected, but usually better. Sometimes the answer at the time seemed so totally wrong; but later we could see that God knew so much better than we did. Glad house is selling will pray for the waters to recede!

  2. What a wonderful message for me to hear today. Thanks for sharing this.


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