Thursday, June 30, 2011

Closet Clean Out

His side
The purge
I regularly go through my closet and get rid of bags of clothes, but this was the biggest purge yet!  I got rid of a whole wardrobe!  I got rid of:

55 Shirts
14 Skirts
2 Dresses
5 Jackets
2 Purses
1 Leather bag
9 Pair of shoes 

I almost repossessed one pair of shoes but I stayed strong.

Her side

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Google Searches

 On the Blogger dashboard, you can check your stats & find out how many people have viewed your blog or posts.  It also shows some of the things people google and find your site.  Those google searches are something else.  They are things that make you go. "huh?"

Here were some of my favorites:

raw chicken for an alligator
(Do you reckon someone was casually interested in feeding an alligator?)
corny things i love
(I can imagine the thought process for this one.  I just want to google and see which corny things I love..  what's weird about that?)

ralph lauren sheets lint
(I don't even know what to say about this)
alligators on lanai
(I guess they were wanting to see if anyone besides themselves had alligators on their lanai.  I have had alligators in my yard, but never on my lanai (unless lanai means yard).
how close is too close to alligator
(The fact that you even ask means you are braver than me!)
excited face 
(The post I wrote about being excited about my 100th follower has been the post popular by far because people -lots of people) have googled "excited face".)
 birds nest in my soul
(This feeling sometimes leads to the next Google search.)
lord show me your ways
(All silliness aside, this one touched my heart.  I have known the feeling of wanting to do whatever it was God wanted me to do, just not knowing for sure what it was.  I remember clearly the helplessness in that situation.  I sincerely hope that whatever they read on my blog helped their heart some.  

I wish it were as easy as just googling for an answer.  I am thankful that we have God's precious Word to comfort, calm & direct us.  I know that sometimes it seems that it isn't as vast as the information we have available on the internet, but that is surely a lie of the devil.  The Bible has been inspired by a Perfect Savior and is just as applicable today as it was in His day.  That is the awesomeness of serving an all-knowing, ever-present, always was, and always will be God.  He gave us a living word that will not fail us.

I would love to know what some of your stats showed about Google Searches! Please comment & let me know.

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Cozy Cabin

Several years ago a preachers wife friend of mine was telling me about her home, and she started with how she had a banister around her stairway where she hung all her quilts.  I am not sure what else she said about her house because my mind was wondering all around her banister and how pretty and cozy that must look. 

When we bought this house, I knew right away where my quilts were going to go  and this is my favorite thing about the house!  I have quilts that I made, quilts that I am in the progress of making, quilts my husbands grandmother made, and some wonderful ones that I found at a thrift store.

Here are some more pictures of my home.  I just included pictures of the main living area and bathroom.  I will show you pictures of the downstairs at a later time.  Right now it is serving as a storage area for the things we brought from Louisiana.  Yikes!! 

I have a decorating dilemma that I need yalls help with.  More about that later.  Here is my cozy cabin!

I need to find an old cabinet for my T.V. area.

I saw this wonderful lamp shade today made from old rulers.  I MUST make one soon (very soon!).  I think it would look amazing over my table!

found here

Notice my darling toilet paper holder?  It has a little cubby in the top for either a box of kleenex or an extra roll of TP.  I got it at Hobby Lobby & I love it!

Corner jacuzzi tubs are overrated.  It is big but it is awkward.  It is hard to find a comfy spot.  You can rest your arm on one side or the other, but not both.  Maybe one day I can get a wonderful old clawfoot tub there!  The bathroom also has a big open slate shower.
 I am going to paint that wall in the bathroom soon.  I am sure it is evident but I am having a hard time deciding how to decorate this log cabin.  I like all the old kinda stuff, but I also like nicer kinda stuff.  I can't think about it too long or my brain goes all frizzy.  I have decided to just wing it & not stress about it.

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour of my corner of the blog world!

linked at: House in Roses

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Goofy Confession

I do not know why I have an overwhelming desire to "out" myself all the time, but here is a goofy confession about my new toy.

I couldn't get over the very poor quality of the speaker when talking to someone on the phone.  After a few days, I was just looking at it dumbfounded that I had not read or heard any complaints about it.  While I was staring at it, I realized that the plastic films that I left on the front & back for protection from scratches, was directly over the speaker!!!  I am such a dork!

Last week, I was puzzled by the poor quality of the pictures (view previous post) and realized that the film on the back was causing them to be unclear!  

I googled it a bit ago and discovered that I wasn't the only on who had that problem.  So that made me feel a little better!

A Visit With Mom & Dad

The kids and I got the wonderful opportunity to spend a few days with my Mom  & Dad on one of his work trips.  Dad was only going to be working a few hours away and Mom was going with him, too!

This is not a good picture, but I knew I liked this town when I saw that they had pink garbage cans!!  How cute is that??

Mom, the kids & I drove to a few thrift stores.  While driving one day, I glanced over to the left and saw this nice car FILLED with trash and junk.  I tried to get my camera open in my phone and when I looked back, the car had turned.

When we got to the thrift store, what do you think was parked right next to me??  I took some pictures while my Mom was worried I was going to get us killed.

I wanted evidence so that the next time my husband says my car is dirty, I can whip out these pictures and show him what a dirty car really looks like!

We also went to the mall and they were having lots of great sales!

I was trying to instruct my Mom to pose like she was one of the mannequins.  She obviously didn't get it!

I got a cute lipstick for $1.75 at Victorias Secret.

I got some hand soap for $1.26 each at Bath & Body Works, as well as some lotion!  I like to smell pretty.

Christopher & Banks had a really good sale, too!  I got my daughter & myself a skirt for $9 each and I got a cute cardigan to match my skirt.  They had a really cute denim skirt that I wanted but it was $42.  It is hard to pay $42 for a skirt when you just got one for $9!

Then we had to say goodbye.  I always have a great time with my parents.  They are alot of fun to be around and I cherish my time with them even more so since we live so far away.  It doesn't hurt that they spoil me rotten!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Roxie's Pups

This is a later picture of Rox feeding her pups.  The are much bigger now.  I just ran across this pic & thought is was the cutest thing ever!  

It sure makes me thankful I had only one child at a time!  

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ladies Meeting Decor

 Here are a few pictures of the ladies meeting that I decorated for.  I had planned Vintage Shabby Chic decor for our Mother/Daughter banquet.  It was canceled due to tornadoes.  

This decor was for our Ladies Meeting at Church.  I went with a Hot Pink & Black & White Damask theme/color.  Alaina helped me & we stayed busy all day making puff balls and flowers!  

I had a budget of $50 so I made every dollar count!

 I decorated the vases with scrapbook paper. 

We made the hanging puff balls and pink flowers in the vases out of tissue paper.   We made the black & white flowers with tulle.

The table runners were a roll of wrapping paper cut down the middle.  That made a big impact for a small price!  I had enough paper left to make paper fortune cookies (with scriptures inside that went with our theme) but ran out of time!

 I saw this tank top at Dollar General about a month ago & had to get it so I could match the decorations!  How cute is that??

Most things were bought at Hobby Lobby.  Here is the run down:

Tablecloths (I had to buy 5) - $12
(noticed later that dollar general had some for the long tables for $1 instead of $2)
Table runners (wrapping paper) - $3 roll w/40% coupon
8 Vases (dollar tree)- $8
Black pokey sticks - $4
Pink curly pokey sticks (Dollar General)- $3
Scrapbook Paper - $6
Tulle - $5 
Tissue Paper - $10

Grand Total - $51

I could have saved about $10 if I had known the table cloths were cheaper at Dollar General, and that I wouldn't use as much scrapbook paper & tulle!

How was that for cheap & easy decorating??

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Puppies Birth

*The following post may be too graphic for some viewers*

My sweet golden retriever (Roxie) had puppies a couple of weeks ago.  She kept trying to get inside the house but..I don't think so!!  We had her a space on the front porch to have those babies. 

I was home when I heard the first little puppy cry and went outside and gave Roxie moral support.  

 How precious is this??  This was the first bundle of joy.  There were 11 more after this.  Yes, 11!

It is so neat to see how caring & careful she is with the puppies.  It is natural mothering instinct.

I had never seen an animal give birth and I thought it was very interesting.  .  

The puppies are born with a little sac covering each one of them and Roxie carefully removed it.

Homeschooling my children completely changed my outlook on all sorts of things that I previously would have been disgusted by

Immediately they started seeking the warmth of their mother. It was so sweet.

She was uncomfortable for the hours she was giving birth and would move around in the bed ever so carefully so she wouldn't step on her puppies.

Just a few more to go, girl!

I was texting my kids hoping they would get home in time to see some of the puppies being born. 

They got to see the last few being born.  Alaina was amazed & grossed out.  She had to leave during some of it. 

Austin was as amazed as me and feeling sorry for Roxie.

My husband even got to see one being born! 

It was our date night so we didn't see the last one being born.  We DO NOT miss date night.  We are like the mail carriers when it comes to date night.  Come rain, shine, sleet, snow, company, puppies being born....whatever - we go on our date...

and I love that about us...

The shows over!

Now they are about 8 weeks & the four we still have to giveaway are nursing fervently (poor Rox).  She can't even take a step without puppies hanging under her.  They are like her furry chandelier!

The puppies are all so precious and each one looks different.  They are fun to watch play.

Anybody need a puppy that is part registered Golden Retriever, part mutt?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Calling All Cooks

Yesterday after church my daughter & I went to the flea market to add some things to my booth. While looking through my neighbors booth, I found this cookbook.

This isn't just any cookbook. This is THE cookbook. Every family gathering I have ever been to on my husbands side of the family has inevitably ended with me asking for some recipe and getting the answer, "It's in the yellow Calling All Cooks cookbook.". 

One time I was asking for a mayonnaise cake recipe (tastes much better than it sounds and I don't even like mayonnaise), another time it was a strawberry pizza recipe (unbelievably delicious), and another time a pecan roll (there aren't words to describe this - just sounds mmmmm....).

It has lots of great recipes with common ingredients.  It is not one that will sit on the shelf!

I am so happy I found my own!  It's been a great week for me...sold my house in Louisiana, had lots of family over, got my new iphone, and found this great cookbook for $5! (love, love great weeks!)

You can also get them at Amazon

or Books A Million

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Things that Pinterest Me

I am a recent Pinterest convert.  I have mostly been pinning quotes because, well....I love them.

Some of them are funny, some are just good advice, & some are just too cute not to save!

They need to make Underoos for this Super Hero.

Bwaa Haaaa Haaaa

I think I know the girl this was written about...

This is too funny!
Love this

This would save alot of insecurities if we would follow this advice.

This is my fav...

So true

I always wondered where she lived...


I mean I have actually been saving pictures of things I like for years in my "ideas" folder on my computer.  But Pinterest is sooo much better.  It saves the location so you know where you found such cute or funny or super ideas can find other people with the same pinterest interest.

Although I love quotes, I do have other boards as well.  I have Outdoor Lovin', Stylin', Stuff I've Made, Organization Baby, Photography, Decorating Ideas, Favorite Places & Spaces, Log Home Decorating, Great Projects, and Party Ideas.

You can see more of the things I find interesting at: Pinterest

Have you used Pinterest yet?
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