Friday, June 24, 2011

Ladies Meeting Decor

 Here are a few pictures of the ladies meeting that I decorated for.  I had planned Vintage Shabby Chic decor for our Mother/Daughter banquet.  It was canceled due to tornadoes.  

This decor was for our Ladies Meeting at Church.  I went with a Hot Pink & Black & White Damask theme/color.  Alaina helped me & we stayed busy all day making puff balls and flowers!  

I had a budget of $50 so I made every dollar count!

 I decorated the vases with scrapbook paper. 

We made the hanging puff balls and pink flowers in the vases out of tissue paper.   We made the black & white flowers with tulle.

The table runners were a roll of wrapping paper cut down the middle.  That made a big impact for a small price!  I had enough paper left to make paper fortune cookies (with scriptures inside that went with our theme) but ran out of time!

 I saw this tank top at Dollar General about a month ago & had to get it so I could match the decorations!  How cute is that??

Most things were bought at Hobby Lobby.  Here is the run down:

Tablecloths (I had to buy 5) - $12
(noticed later that dollar general had some for the long tables for $1 instead of $2)
Table runners (wrapping paper) - $3 roll w/40% coupon
8 Vases (dollar tree)- $8
Black pokey sticks - $4
Pink curly pokey sticks (Dollar General)- $3
Scrapbook Paper - $6
Tulle - $5 
Tissue Paper - $10

Grand Total - $51

I could have saved about $10 if I had known the table cloths were cheaper at Dollar General, and that I wouldn't use as much scrapbook paper & tulle!

How was that for cheap & easy decorating??


  1. That looks great. You are so creative. I love the top too. I love pink and white and black. Classy:)

  2. Very pretty - I love the color combo with the damask! Cute top too!

  3. Awesome job! I can't believe you did all that for just $51.oo!


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