Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Puppies Birth

*The following post may be too graphic for some viewers*

My sweet golden retriever (Roxie) had puppies a couple of weeks ago.  She kept trying to get inside the house but..I don't think so!!  We had her a space on the front porch to have those babies. 

I was home when I heard the first little puppy cry and went outside and gave Roxie moral support.  

 How precious is this??  This was the first bundle of joy.  There were 11 more after this.  Yes, 11!

It is so neat to see how caring & careful she is with the puppies.  It is natural mothering instinct.

I had never seen an animal give birth and I thought it was very interesting.  .  

The puppies are born with a little sac covering each one of them and Roxie carefully removed it.

Homeschooling my children completely changed my outlook on all sorts of things that I previously would have been disgusted by

Immediately they started seeking the warmth of their mother. It was so sweet.

She was uncomfortable for the hours she was giving birth and would move around in the bed ever so carefully so she wouldn't step on her puppies.

Just a few more to go, girl!

I was texting my kids hoping they would get home in time to see some of the puppies being born. 

They got to see the last few being born.  Alaina was amazed & grossed out.  She had to leave during some of it. 

Austin was as amazed as me and feeling sorry for Roxie.

My husband even got to see one being born! 

It was our date night so we didn't see the last one being born.  We DO NOT miss date night.  We are like the mail carriers when it comes to date night.  Come rain, shine, sleet, snow, company, puppies being born....whatever - we go on our date...

and I love that about us...

The shows over!

Now they are about 8 weeks & the four we still have to giveaway are nursing fervently (poor Rox).  She can't even take a step without puppies hanging under her.  They are like her furry chandelier!

The puppies are all so precious and each one looks different.  They are fun to watch play.

Anybody need a puppy that is part registered Golden Retriever, part mutt?


  1. Lawd, Miss Scarlett I don't know nothing about birthing babies! Very interesting, I have never seen this as I always have my dogs spayed or neutered. Roxie is a beautiful dog, I bet she is a sweetheart.

  2. LOL! Like a furry chandelier! What beautiful little puppies, I sure couldn't imagine giving birth to twelve consecutively though, poor Roxie!

  3. Oh cute, I bet they are really cute now, I would love to see pictures!



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