Saturday, June 4, 2011

Things that Pinterest Me

I am a recent Pinterest convert.  I have mostly been pinning quotes because, well....I love them.

Some of them are funny, some are just good advice, & some are just too cute not to save!

They need to make Underoos for this Super Hero.

Bwaa Haaaa Haaaa

I think I know the girl this was written about...

This is too funny!
Love this

This would save alot of insecurities if we would follow this advice.

This is my fav...

So true

I always wondered where she lived...


I mean I have actually been saving pictures of things I like for years in my "ideas" folder on my computer.  But Pinterest is sooo much better.  It saves the location so you know where you found such cute or funny or super ideas can find other people with the same pinterest interest.

Although I love quotes, I do have other boards as well.  I have Outdoor Lovin', Stylin', Stuff I've Made, Organization Baby, Photography, Decorating Ideas, Favorite Places & Spaces, Log Home Decorating, Great Projects, and Party Ideas.

You can see more of the things I find interesting at: Pinterest

Have you used Pinterest yet?


  1. Great quotes! :-) Love the Psycho Path!

  2. I laughed at the eat grandpa one! Pintrest, I had never heard of it 2 weeks ago and then I kept seeing hits on my blog from pintrest. When I checked it out someone had pinned my dress form I covered with sheet music on to pintrest. So I snooped around, I guess I don't quite understand it, but it brought me traffic ! Post your flowers when you make them, I did some more today and it is so fun!



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