Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Visit With Mom & Dad

The kids and I got the wonderful opportunity to spend a few days with my Mom  & Dad on one of his work trips.  Dad was only going to be working a few hours away and Mom was going with him, too!

This is not a good picture, but I knew I liked this town when I saw that they had pink garbage cans!!  How cute is that??

Mom, the kids & I drove to a few thrift stores.  While driving one day, I glanced over to the left and saw this nice car FILLED with trash and junk.  I tried to get my camera open in my phone and when I looked back, the car had turned.

When we got to the thrift store, what do you think was parked right next to me??  I took some pictures while my Mom was worried I was going to get us killed.

I wanted evidence so that the next time my husband says my car is dirty, I can whip out these pictures and show him what a dirty car really looks like!

We also went to the mall and they were having lots of great sales!

I was trying to instruct my Mom to pose like she was one of the mannequins.  She obviously didn't get it!

I got a cute lipstick for $1.75 at Victorias Secret.

I got some hand soap for $1.26 each at Bath & Body Works, as well as some lotion!  I like to smell pretty.

Christopher & Banks had a really good sale, too!  I got my daughter & myself a skirt for $9 each and I got a cute cardigan to match my skirt.  They had a really cute denim skirt that I wanted but it was $42.  It is hard to pay $42 for a skirt when you just got one for $9!

Then we had to say goodbye.  I always have a great time with my parents.  They are alot of fun to be around and I cherish my time with them even more so since we live so far away.  It doesn't hurt that they spoil me rotten!

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