Monday, July 25, 2011

Come on Baby Light My Fire....or Not

I may be the only person alive who didn't think about this before, but if there is one other person like me who lives under a rock and didn't think of ya go:

I bought this candle at the Dollar General (one of the 3 fancy stores here in the boonies) because the container was really cute.  It was on sale for a couple of dollars and I was surprised to find it actually smells really good - like some of those fancy schmancy candles.  Anyway.....

I have this warm zone on my stove.  The warm zone not only keeps foods warm, but melts my candle and makes my house smell yummy!  I don't have to look around for the lighter or matches.  I love it!

It works the same as one of those candle warmers you see all the time, without the extra clutter!  There is no open flame, not soot, no trimming the wick, plus it is out of reach of little hands!

Had you already thought of this trick?

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  1. I don't have a warm zone on my stovetop, so I haven't done this. Sounds like a great idea. I would probably burn my house down doing something like that!!!! lol


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