Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chalkboard Desk

This is one of my recent furniture projects.   I can't actually remember where I got this little desk, but garage sale for $5 comes to mind.

 I sanded it down and painted the chalboard paint on the top.  I should not have left the desk outside in the 700 degree weather because it caused the chalkboard paint to bubble a bit.  I used the Minwax Walnut stain for the rest of the desk!

How cute is that?

This was a quick project, too.  Waiting for the chalkboard paint to dry took the longest time.  I probably didn't have to wait but I am crazy like that.  I could not make myself do the next step until that chalkboard paint was dry!!

I still have some chalkboard paint left & a few projects in mind!!
What do ya think?


  1. Oh I love it!! Great idea! BRAVO!

  2. So cute!! Such a clever idea!

  3. Thanks for being a follower of mine. I LOVE your desk. What a good idea. I think once I got a $5 desk at a garage sale. Doncha just love those kinda finds? I'm also a follower of yours!


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