Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Few of my Favorite Things...

I am cleaning today.  I actually enjoy it from time to time (but mostly NOT).  I have on the full cleaning garb including yesterdays hair pulled into a ponytail and bangs pinned back.  I'm sure your disappointed that I cant share a picture!

I am also doing the college student diet today.  Oh...You haven't heard of that one?  Well for breakfast I had chips & dip and for lunch I ate sliced dill pickles.  I'll probably finish it up with a bowl of Ramen noodle soup for supper.  

Anyhoo....I thought I would share a few of my favorite cleaning products with y'a'll.

First of all, I use the Pandora ap on my iphone because who can clean without music??  Its great because you can type in any song or artist that you like and it plays the same style music.  I also LOVE that when the phone rings, the radio stops & promptly resumes when you hang up!!  Yeah....its great!

I learned a great tip from Pinterest.  (Pinterest and I have a love/hate relationship - I love it because it is like a worlds fair for crafty women but hate it because it drags me to my computer chair and holds me captive for so long)  If you put your phone in a bowl (or down in a fat glass vase with acorns I am saving for a great project) it magnifies the sound like speakers!!  Cool, huh??   

I learned about Fabuloso from my great friend, Malaine (who, sadly lives in Missouri and way too far away).  I walked in her kitchen one day when she had just mopped and it smelled fabuloso!  I love to use it now.  They make other scents but I prefer the purple.  There is a spray version for countertops but I prefer my next favorite product for that.

I LOVE how this smells!  I could just spray it and not even wipe it up - I just love it!  I used this for the first time about 8 years ago and have been hooked ever since.

When I walk by somebody and smell this on their clothes, my immediate thought is, "Their Mama (or wife) loves them."  Its just that little extra step.  I use it religiously when I do laundry.  It is one of my favorite things...EVER.  It is on the list right under God, Family, and my camera (which is technically my 3rd child).  I am really a dork when it comes to fabric softener....or just laundry in general.  When I open the dryer and notice someone left hang up clothes in there, I go all

 Then I remember its just laundry and move on.

My newest favorite cleaning product is Evolve Bleach Tablets.  I am always paranoid about spilling bleach on my clothes (although in 20 years, I can't recall it ever happening).  I just open up the lid and pour a tablet into the wash.  It works great & smells clean, too!  I used to pour bleach in my toilet to clean it but now I just pour one of the tablets in, clean the bathroom, then swish the toilet.

This is so NOT fancy but is the best thing for cleaning windows.  If you use newspapers instead of paper towels too clean glass and mirrors, it leaves it streak free and no lint!  I usually buy window cleaner because ...well I don't really have a reason, I just do - BUT vinegar or rubbing alcohol works wonderful for cleaning glass & mirrors, too!

What are some of your favorite cleaning products or tips?

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm Bbbaaaccckkkk.........

Have you missed me??  I missed blogging!  I have been busy since I was last here!

I photographed a wedding.  I LOVE weddings...planning, decorating, attending - but not photographing them!  It makes me too nervous!  Then the most awful thing happened.  I got a virus and not just on my computer....it also infected my external hard drive AND my camera cards!!!  I sat for hours at the computer shop in tears while they tried to salvage the wedding pictures (they were successful).  Yeah....I know!!!  I still cant plug anything up to my computer or it gets infected but I can use it...sigh...

My Mother-in-law & Father-in-law moved here from Louisiana.  My kids go everyday.  Over the river and through the woods to Grandmothers house they go.  Really its just through the tree line, but they do go everyday!  We have all been enjoying having them close.  I will be posting before/after pics of their house soon.  She has done a beautiful job of decorating it! 
Although I still miss Louisiana, I have been thoroughly enjoying the individual seasons here.  In Louisiana there is one season.....hot & humid!  I actually get to wear coats here! 
I took this picture with my phone one day when I was coming home.  If you look closely, on the right hand side you can see my Manly Man working on the porch addition!  I will be sharing better pics of that soon, too!  He has done a wonderful job!
My daughter turned 17 on December 31st!  Yes...she is this cute in real life, too!  She is the most voracious reader I know.  She enjoys reading everything from classics to current novels.  She got a Kindle for Christmas last year and I thought it would help her not to have to carry 5 books in her purse everywhere she goes.  Now she carries her Kindle & just 2 books!  She is NEVER without a book.

I have worked on several projects from Pinterest:
Chan Luu Bracelet
Nativity Ornament
Big Dominos
Book Page Wreath (I know they have been around forever....but I just got around to it!)

I made t-shirt yarn so I could work on these projects, too:
T-Shirt Yarn Flower
T-Shirt Yarn Bracelet

I also finally got in a groove with my flea market booth.  I am finally making a little money!  I have big plans for redecorating it tomorrow.   Imagine....netting, white Christmas lights, and a SALE!  I will be working there one day a month now, too!

I got my substitute teaching license and am excited about getting started with that.

I am redoing my craft area and cant wait to get it done!  You are gonna love it!  I will post pics soon...well as soon as I can figure out a good way to get them from my camera to my computer without plugging it up!

In the meantime....I'll be getting my craft on & taking lots of pictures!

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