Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dreaming of Spring

Yesterday the weather here in North Alabama was pretty nice.  I went to town in "Ole Blue" (my hubbys rattletrap truck).  My husband hit a deer on the way to work and totaled his work car, so now he has to drive my car till we get another one.

I am thankful to have a way to go...but this truck is seriously redneck!  The only thing that's missing is the gun rack in the back window.  I wear skirts all the time & it is IMPOSSIBLE to get in that truck in a ladylike manner.  I have to lift my leg up thigh high & PULL myself in by the steering wheel!  I also can't roll down the drivers window because it gets stuck.  I remembered that after I was in the drive-thru line at Chick Filet and had to leave.

I was glad to get home!  Alaina had a friend over to help her with her Algebra 2 (greek to me!) & when my hubby got home we sat on the porch and chatted about our day.  I told him that I am looking forward to spring.  This morning I was drooling over all my outdoor Pinterest pins & wanted to share a few of my favs with y'all.  Some are things I actually want to do & some are just wishful thinking!

I love these DIY torch lamps from bottles!  I want to make some for my porch bt I think I am going to use mason jars or old coke bottles...won't that be CUTE??

I must REALLY love this because I didn't realize until today that I have pinned it three times!  I think I would spend way too much time in this spot!

This walkway is to die for!  I love the rustic natural look of it.

I would LOVE to watch movies like this!

Porch Envy

I adore sleeping porches...


The blue ceiling makes a great impact on this porch!  I need that iron chaise.

Hurry up Spring!!


  1. OH WOW!! These pictures sure made me long for Spring even though here in the Midwest we've been treated to the mildest winter in 80 years! Those bottle lamps are FANTASTIC -- I pinned that! Love the movie night set up -- although the mosquitoes would be an issue -- lots of citranella I think! Thanks for these lovely pics!

  2. I love you photos, I want a hammock and a sleeping porch! So ready for Spring!!
    Have a great week end.
    -Kim :)

  3. Beautiful porches! (They must not have problems with pollen the way we do here. If I dared put out nice furnishings like that, they would be yellow in one day.)

  4. You are SO getting me excited for spring and summer. The photos you posted are fabulous; I want to curl right up into that hammock. Thanks for linking up to Refresh Your Nest Friday over at Making Lemonade!


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